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Features that work for you and your customers

Zingaya's features are designed to help increase the communication efficiency between you and your online customers.

Call history

With your click-to-call implementation, you can control all your web calls - such as where on your site each call begins, to which one of your phone numbers the call goes, and how long the call lasts.You can also listen to each recorded web call later via the Control Panel - just make sure to have the Call Recording option turned on.

Call recording

Record and listen to the conversations between your employees and your customers to evaluate the quality of your customer service, or to better learn what common questions your customers are having.


Receive voicemail and check messages online at your convenience.  Our service will send you email notifications when you receive new voicemail messages.

Mobile app

Your customers can also call you for free from their tablets or smartphones via our free mobile application for iOS. Downloaded and installed once, it will be used every time your customers want to call you online from their mobile devices.

Working hours

This feature allows you to choose the times of day that web calls will be forwarded to your phone (for each day of the week). Customers who call you outside of these hours can leave you a voicemail message.

Instant surveys

Let your customers evaluate the quality of your service - right after a web call your customer sees a short online survey created by you right in the same browser window. Our surveys are designed to be simple and straightforward, which leads to a higher response rate.


Unlike a regular phone call - Zingaya's web calling has powerful, real time analytics.  It can be used to determine where your callers are coming from on the web, monitor and measure ROI, effectiveness of marketing campaigns,  sales conversions (sometimes greater than 800% vs. online) and more. You can also download the analytics and use them in spreadsheets, charts, etc.

Call to multiple lines

Forward your web calls to different phone numbers (you can set working hours for each number), or forward calls to all numbers simultaneously.

Customizable design

You can customize your web call button to fully match your website design or corporate identity. We recommend putting your click-to-call button close to your listed phone number.

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Our customers

Zingaya's customers can expect reliable web calling technology that directly helps their business goals. We're pleased to be a part of the business strategy of many exceptional clients.

  • Zingaya’s click-to-call button helps us deliver confidence and trust to future customers. We have a better conversion rate and can answer acute questions and explain how Quote Roller solves them.
    Sasha Kovaliov Marketing Director, Quote Roller
  • We use Zingaya on our website for more than one year. We see that our customers need this service, especially when they are travelling abroad. We also used Zingaya Mobile SDK to embed online call function into our mobile application. Zingaya SDK is really simple, fast and convenient tool.
    Egor Bayandin CIO, S7 Tour
  • Fantastic product that easily integrated onto our website to increase direct call-ins.

    Ken Narita Director, Marketing Campaigns, TriNet
  • This is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the customer service experience. We are always looking for ways to be ahead of the curve in terms of the technologies and features that we offer on
    Anthony Ramirez Director of Customer Service,