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Zingaya's Benefits

Online call is convenient and efficient for both you and your online customers. Learn why, below.

Your company's benefits
with online call

Increases sales

When shopping online, customers trust companies more when they can talk to a real person (and it's especially true when it comes to more expensive goods and services). With Zingaya, you're giving your web visitors the easiest, quickest way to reach a real person.

Reduces abandoned shopping carts

The average ecommerce industry cart abandonment rate is between 60-70% - more than half of potential customers leave before the last step. Moreover, according to Forrester research, 77% of users who abandoned an online purchase cite the inability to speak to a representative as their primary reason for leaving. If your customer has any questions while shopping online on your website, Zingaya’s online call service can help him or her talk to a sales representative and get their questions answered instantly. That’s how Zingaya increases the chances of an online order completion by 20%.
Your customer's benefits with online call


Your customers can call you
wherever they are
without spending a dime 


Making a web call requires
just a single click


Your customers can talk to you
when they need it most
Our clients

Zingaya's customers can expect reliable web calling technology that directly helps their business goals. We're pleased to be a part of the business strategy of many exceptional clients.

  • Zingaya’s click-to-call button helps us deliver confidence and trust to future customers. We have a better conversion rate and can answer acute questions and explain how Quote Roller solves them.
    Sasha Kovaliov Marketing Director, Quote Roller
  • We use Zingaya on our website for more than one year. We see that our customers need this service, especially when they are travelling abroad. We also used Zingaya Mobile SDK to embed online call function into our mobile application. Zingaya SDK is really simple, fast and convenient tool.
    Egor Bayandin CIO, S7 Tour
  • This is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the customer service experience. We are always looking for ways to be ahead of the curve in terms of the technologies and features that we offer on
    Anthony Ramirez Director of Customer Service,
  • Fantastic product that easily integrated onto our website to increase direct call-ins.

    Ken Narita Director, Marketing Campaigns, TriNet